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This was a long weekend for us(college mates) as study leave is going on and to make use of it I decided to initialize some pending projects.Yeah! this is like a regular holiday for us.

I had few ‘energy drink'(s) and begin my work ,before creating a directory i accidently typed “git init” and initialized my whole home directory as git repositiory . I ignored that as I was highly ‘energetic’ and begin my work.

What was the Result of this energetic deed ?

Well, I had around 5000 changes staged for commit in that repository.I openedĀ  Visual Studio Code and clicked on the “Source Control” (or type ‘ctrl+shift+g’) and found thisĀ  –

——————–image goes here——————-

You can also find out this by typing “git diff” or “git diff HEAD”.

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