At the beginning of the production of the first season of Arrow, showrunner Greg Berlanti stated that the theme of the series will be loosely based upon Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy henceforth the inception of series was with the neo-noir touch.

The character background of Nolan’s Batman is very realistic and thus each of its characters suits to the neo-noir genre. Nolan chose the Joker to be an anarchist psychopath with assaulted facial scars rather than a sick eerie smiling clown who gets deranged due to a genetic reaction with a chemical waste.

Similarly in Arrow, The Count is shown as a drug dealer who rolls drug onto the streets by the name of Vertigo rather than the last descendant of a royal family in the country of Vlatava, who dons an eye gear emitting the EM waves which gives vertigo.

The series stick to its continuous theme but when Berlanti announced that he’ll be producing another series with The CW this time of Flash which will be in same chronology, then the entire theme of Arrow started to collapse.
To fix the Arrow now into the science fiction theme, there were impromptu crossovers such as in the season finale of The Flash, when they are trying to defeat Reverse Flash, there is an appearance of Oliver Queen for a few seconds. This may seem sensual to “cute little Fanboys”, but let’s be serious it’s pathetic way of inducing a major character to a well potential chronology. 

 Now Queen gives motivational speeches to Flash who is neither similar to him nor has the same dramatic conflicts. But guess what? Berlanti have to keep the shows running.

Nice work Green Arrow!! I mean Arrow, I mean Berlanti.

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